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International Association of Mold Professionals (IAMP)


We create solutions for mold patients & mold professionals.

The International Association of Mold Professionals (IAMP) is a network of doctors, scientists, mold inspectors, mold remediators, and everyone who is interested in the latest toxic mold research. Our mission is to provide education, networking opportunities, and solutions for both regular people affected by toxic mold and professionals who specialize in mold.

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Maurice 'Moe' Bedard

Maurice 'Moe' Bedard

Director of Marketing

Maurice ‘Moe’ Bedard is an internationally renown expert on mold inspections and mold remediation with multiple professional certifications. He is an author and host of the Mold Podcast. Moe is also the CEO of Mold Safe Solutions, a mold inspection and remediation company located in Southern California.

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